Valentine's Day

Zero Waste Valentine’s Day Do’s and Dont’s

“Love is in the air!”


What better way to show your love than giving a Halmark card on a Halmark holiday… Yeah right!

I’m a firm believer that people shouldn’t need a specific day to show their love for others but there’s no doubt about it, everybody loves Valentine’s Day and the loving feelings it promotes. And yes, I know I should be a bit more romantic haha!

But just because it’s a day for gift giving, doesn’t mean that consumerism should take over and unnecessary waste be created. Just like birthdays, Christmas and any other special occasion, Valentine’s Day can also be zero waste, yay!




So in the spirit of love and romance, I have put together a list of Valentine’s Day do’s and don’ts –

DON’T give a bouquet of cut flowers. Whilst they may look beautiful, they will very likely die within a few days. The packaging they come in is almost always some kind of plastic and there may have been nasty chemicals used to preserve them.


DO give a potted plant. Potted plants can be big or small and can live anywhere in the house or garden. They don’t have to be flowers either, they can be herbs or fruit or vegetables. They are practical, pretty and non gender binding. A perfect start to a perfect Valentine’s Day.


chilli pot plant


DON’T give a store bought card. There’s just no heart in a store bought card. Whilst you may find one to say the things you are yearning to say, remember that there are hundreds of other people receiving the exact same card on that same day.


DO give a handmade card, picture or love letter. Who cares if you have the drawing capacity and eloquence of a four year old (like yours truly!), that’s what will make it even more special. Anything handmade will always be more fulfilling for yourself and better appreciated by your loved one because it will have your own special touch on it.


Love Letter


DON’T give mindless, impractical gifts that will end up gathering dust or even worse on the landfill.


DO give the gift of experience and one that you can share on this amorous day.

For example –

1. A romantic dinner for two. An oldie but a goodie! But don’t forget to put a zero waste twist on it. If you are heading out to a restaurant, don’t forget to take your takeaway container, handkerchiefs and even cutlery. If you’re cooking at home, this is a chance for you to apply all of your zero waste practices.

2. Get active with an adventure sport. Take your loved one rock climbing, scuba diving or even skydiving. These experiences are fun, unforgettable and best when shared with another.

3. A zero waste picnic. What could be more romantic than some quality time at your favourite park, beach or forest.

4. Go to a gig. Tickets to see your loved one’s favourite band will never be unappreciated. Never!

5. A weekend getaway. A perfect excuse to explore a new town or city with your loved one.

6. Is there a river near you? Then a river dinner cruise is the perfect way to spend a romantic evening. Cruising along with delicious food and a blanket of stars. It just stinks of pure romance!!


I love you


Love is in the air! I hope everyone has a magical Valentine’s Day and every other day for that matter. Let’s keep spreading the love far and wide everyday, for when there’s love, everything is how it should be <3

Love Kat xx



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