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“I’m always looking for more information including personal experience and ideas, please share!!”


I have been aware of and supported a lot of ecological issues for a long time but haven’t actually felt like a real activist until I decided to go zero waste. I finally feel like I’m actually doing something that will have a positive impact and I really feel like I have the opportunity to inspire others to live a more sustainable life.

I have quickly grown to realise that living a zero waste lifestyle doesn’t just mean producing less tangible waste. It encompasses so many other issues – ecological and social. It’s made me realise that this is all so much bigger than just me. Rainforest destruction, global warming, ocean garbage patches, animal abuse, human abuse and food waste just to name a few.

The fact that it isn’t a singular concept has also directed me to consider not only on the state of our Earth but also my overall general health. For example, it has led me to learn about chemicals that are found in our foods and everday products and I have learnt about the dangers of using plastic products (chemicals leaching into our bodies and foods). I now identify as a minimalist and have begun to learn how to practise mindfulness. Going zero waste has had a truly positive effect on all my personal day to day choices and my overall life.

These are some of the resources I have used to educate and inspire myself on my path to zero waste and a sustainable life.




1. – Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

To be honest, this is the only book I have read relating to zero waste but I feel so much more knowledgeable for it. Even though this book provides Bea’s personal story of her family and how they came to and now live a zero waste lifestyle, I have used it more as a reference guide, for specific information as I’ve needed it.

Be sure to check out Bea’s inspirational live talks including ted and google. All of them can be found on you tube. Here’s a link to one I love.

I recently found and purchased this book for $1 in a local thrift store. It was published in 2008, so the information should still be quite relevant. I’m looking forward to reading it, just got to finish the book I’m reading now!


Climate book




1. An Organic Conversation

This is probably my favourite podcast to listen to. It covers a range of topics including sustainable living, healthy living, organic food, chemicals found in all products etc.

2. The Sustainable Living Podcast

Another great podcast that talks about topics such as organic food, permaculture, home remedies, sustainable living, minimalism, healthy living etc.

3. Mindfulness+

This is a podcast that discusses and guides you through all topics related to mindfulness. And while this may not seem like a relevant podcast, I beg to differ. Everyday I exercise mindfulness in relation to my zero waste practises. I need and want to be present in every moment to live my life to the fullest while following my convictions.




As you can probably tell from the list below, documentaries are my favourite form of information resource. Because they are so visual and generally have a personal element to them, I find it easy and enjoyable to engage with the information. I love to watch them and then continue my own personal research afterwards.

1. Trashed (2007)

This film follows the American ‘Garbage business’ and how it has become just that; a business. I like that it shows that a large company can turn ‘green’ if enough effort and desire is put in.

2. No Impact Man

This is an interesting documentary about Colin Beavan, his wife and baby daughter living for 12 months without creating any environmental impact. It’s extreme and inspiring and proves that we can all live a more sustainable existence.

3. Cowspiracy

This film may not seem to be directly related to zero waste but if we reduced or eliminated the amount of food we ate that is produced from the animal agriculture industry, we would greatly lower not only our carbon (or methane) footprint, but the amount of tangible waste we produce. Other issues such as habitat destruction, rainforest destruction and animal abuse would also be reduced and in a perfect world; eliminated.

4. A Plastic Ocean

This documentary along with the next two on the list really bring to light how consumerism has taken over our lives and how we no longer know how to live without the convenience that plastic provides us. Plastics are now officially choking our oceans, lining our coastlines and killing birds, fish and mammals. The production and transportation of said plastics are helping to choke our atmosphere and strip our earth of finite resources. Recycling is not as effective as we have been led to believe and we are now ingesting the chemicals leached from plastic through eating fish and shellfish which have also ingested these plastics.

5. Plastic Paradise – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

6. Plasticized

7. Minimalism: a Documentary About the Important Things

Again, another film that may not seem directly related to zero waste. However, as i have said before, I really believe the two go hand in hand and a natural progression always seems to occur from one to the other. By simplifying our lives, we allow more time for the important things like experience, family, friends, personal projects and much more.


zero waste resources


I’m always looking for more information including personal experience and ideas, please share!! I’d also love any suggestions to add to my list, especially books!

Love Kat xx


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