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baker beach cleanup

My first beach cleanup (Baker Beach, San Francisco)

I finally made it to my first beach cleanup! I’ve been trying to attend one for so long but other commitments always got in the way. I’m glad I got to participate in a cleanup of a city beach as it was quite eye opening. Here I was thinking there wouldn’t be too much rubbish to collect as this was a beach in a fairly clean city in a first world country. How naive and wrong I was!

San Francisco 3 bins

The hunt for Zero Waste in San Francisco

San Francisco has a colourful history. From its humble beginnings as the home of the Yelamu tribe to the establishment and settlement of a presidio and mission by the Spanish to the American takeover and gold rush to the thriving city it is today.

Tree earth day

Every day is Earth Day (Earth Day 2017 San Francisco)

This year I was lucky enough to spend Earth Day in San Francisco where there was not only a focus on the conservation and preservation of all things Earth but also on the general disdain regarding the funding cuts to the Sciences proposed by President Trump. It was quite an experience!