Aromabals wash rock

Aromabals Wash Rocks – The natural alternative to regular soap and shampoo

“It is completely homemade and all natural. It’s healthy, chemical free and effective”


I’m still in de-cluttering mode and I’m still relishing every minute of it! I think I may have finally finished whittling down my toiletries bag to only a few necessary and environmentally friendly items.

All that’s left to do is to introduce my new favourite product –




Aromabals wash rocks


This is a fantastic product as it replaces so many regular bathroom products and is completely natural. It will wash your hair, your face and your body. You can use it for shaving. It helps to relieve eczema and psoriasis. It will wash your clothes (in the washing machine or sink) and it will even wash your dog!!

A couple of months ago I went to visit Leeanne (owner and creator at Aromabals) at her home garage turned workshop to learn about and purchase some wash rocks. She graciously showed me around her workshop, explaining how everything was made.


Leeanne Aromabals Owner and creator


Leeanne makes all of her wash rocks by hand and they are all made with a clay base. Different clays for different purposes; acne, moisturising, mature skin, skin conditions etc. However, all wash rocks are suitable for sensitive skin.

What makes them even more special is that all the oils used in the wash rocks are homemade and cold compressed from herbs grown in Leeanne’s garden. The vibrant colours are extracted from the roots, stems and petals.




There are no chemicals whatsoever in these wash rocks and no preservatives, which means they can go mouldy. You can’t get anymore natural than that!! It’s easy to avoid the mould however, just make sure you store them in a paper bag. If you store them in a plastic or tin container, then the mould will come.

Along with no chemicals, there are no animal fats/products so if you were to shower outdoors, then the excess water can go straight back into the ground water safely.

So, how long do they last? Of course it depends on how many showers you take per day but on average, I was informed they would last 4-5 weeks.

I decided to test them out myself and here are my results –


Wash Rocks Test 1.

Showers (washing face and body) – 21

Wash hair – 15

Shave legs – 7

Shave underarms – 12

Medium laundry load (wash rock placed in a fine mesh/calico bag) – 1


Wash Rocks Test 2.

Showers (washing face and body) – 27

Wash hair – 21

Shave legs – 6

Shave underams – 14

As you can see with test 1, I did a laundry load with that wash rock. I found that it cleaned my clothes superbly. My clothes weren’t particularly soiled but all my work clothes were in there (I work in a bar) and they came out perfectly clean and smelling really nice.

That laundry load did however, use up to the equivalent of 6 showers as you can see from test 2. So, I probably won’t be using them to do a laundry load again unless I’m really desperate. I would definitely use the wash rocks to wash my delicates in the sink while I’m on the road.




Everytime I wash my hair, face and body, I come out feeling very clean with lovely soft skin. I was unsure how my hair would react as it is fine and can be quite lifeless but the wash rocks do a great job to keep it clean and full of body without making it frizzy.

I can’t recommend this product enough! It is completely homemade and all natural. It’s healthy, chemical free and effective. Plus, I have successfully replaced 3 products from my toiletries bag with one wash rock. They are also light and easy to carry in my backpack. They weigh less than 100 grams when wet and only 70 grams when dry.

A quick tip to make your wash rock last as long as possible – make sure you feel your wash rock when you purchase it and if it still feels a little soft, then it is not quite ready to be used. If it is super hard like a rock (hence the name wash rock), then all the rainwater used in its production has evapourated and the clay has set. It is ready to be used and will last longer.




Leeanne’s wash rocks are stocked all over Perth and the rest of Australia. Be sure to check out the Aromabals website for all the stockists –

Aromabals website

Aromabals facebook

Aromabals instagram


Me and my Aromabal wash rock


I’m so happy to be supporting an Australian homegrown, natural and healthy product. Leeanne has worked hard to produce an environmentally and human friendly product that everyone can benefit from using. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I do!

Love Kat xx


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