G’day! My name is Kat. I’m also known as Kitty Kat, Katdog, Kat Kat, Kat G and Kattwoooo. Please feel free to call me whatever you like.


Welcome to my blog!


As I sat down to write this about me section, I had planned to talk about my passion in life and I realised I have several. Turns out I’m a pretty passionate person! And I’m struggling to pick a favourite passion, it’s kinda like picking your favourite child or your favourite type of ice-cream. It’s just rude, really.


So I guess I’ll list some of them in no particular order…


Scuba diving
The ocean in general
Nudibranchs (colourful slug like creatures found in the ocean)
Marine life in general
Underwater photography
Travel – I’m on a mission to explore the entire world
Sustainable living
Conservation of the Earth
Mother nature in general
The stars and the moon
The Universe in general
Creating things – I love to sew and make jewellery
Arts and crafts in general


As you can probably tell some of my passions are intertwined. I never really understood marine conservation until I discovered scuba diving and then that led to learning about other issues such as climate change, fossil fuels and plastic pollution, which then led to my interest and further passion in sustainable living and lowering my impact on the Earth.


I never really believed that one person could make a difference and that’s where I think I went wrong for so long. Once I started living my life in a positive way towards the Earth and myself, I really noticed that I was influencing people around me; strangers, friends and family alike. I was influencing and inspiring people to live in a more sustainable and healthy way.


Now I truly believe even one person can make a positive impact and difference. And if one person can make a noticeable difference, imagine what we can do as a collective whole!


Love Kat xx